MTA for testautomators

What benefits does MTA offer to testautomators

Testautomators - Less maintenance of tests

Less maintenance of test scripts

With MTA, testautomators get a no-code test environment at their fingertips with which (regression) tests can be specified and automated quickly and easily.

The tool simplifies test data maintenance in such a way that the team is able to easily inject variable data needed for regression testing.

Finally, MTA provides ‘consistency checking’ which gives a quick insight in which test cases need to be adjusted because the Mendix models have been changed. These attributes ensure that the tester is able to keep up with the development speed of the team.

Hosted as SaaS

Infrastructure test automation as SAAS

An MTA test environment is available as a single tenant SAAS solution or an online test environment that runs on your own premises/cloud which makes maintenance for testautomators of the infrastructure of the test environment fully regulated. The provided environment also provides backup and recovery mechanisms so that loss of defined tests and test data is prevented.

Easy to learn for testautomators

Easy to learn

New testing tools can be difficult to learn.

The no-code approach and the available wizards make the use of MTA intuitive. In addition, the structure of the test suites, test cases and test steps is in line with the ISTQB standard so MTA can be mastered quickly.

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