Benefits for product owners

Agile testing

Agile testing

Software development requires close collaboration between product owners, developers and testers in small teams of self-managing specialists who need to understand each other well and speak the same language.

  • MTA contributes to this by allowing all parties to work in the same environment.
  • MTA supports the entire testing process from defining manual test cases and desired test coverage to reporting on test results.
  • The different roles are separated in MTA so that each other’s work can be viewed but not destroyed.
Increase test coverage

Increase test coverage

High test coverage is often cut back by product owners because it costs a lot of time and money to achieve it via screen testing.

With MTA, it is easy to configure unit, component and process tests and provide data variation. As a result, screen tests no longer need to be used to achieve large test coverage. The use of screen tests can therefore be limited to testing screen-specific scenarios.

Early validation

Early validation

The earlier errors are discovered, the easier and cheaper it is to fix these errors.

That’s why MTA supports shift-left testing where tests are to be performed early in the development cycle. The effective way in which MTA links test data to the expected outcome (asserts) allows developers to quickly see where errors are in the developed software even before it is delivered.

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