MTA for Mendix business engineers

No code pollution

No unit tests polluting code

In Mendix, it is possible to build unit tests. However, this approach has the disadvantage that the test code becomes part of the application code and takes a lot of time to implement.

The MTA solution gives the possibility to configure unit tests outside the Mendix models and aggregate them into test cases and test suites. The unit tests automatically invoke the microflows to be checked. This makes it easy for Mendix business engineers to run a large number of unit tests and aggregate them into component and process tests without polluting the code.


test during development

Testing during development

To perform automated tests early in the development process, it is often necessary to install and maintain specific tooling. Menditect’s solution makes it possible to run tests automatically on the T environment of the Mendix project without installing tooling. This is possible because MTA is a complete SAAS solution.

If it is desired to run tests on the Mendix business engineers’ machine then just set up a secure tunnel to the MTA test environment using ngrok, CloudFlare or similar tools.

Re use of test cases

Reuse of test data and test cases

A realized feature is often not a stand-alone product but can be part of a business process. If the built functionality is somewhere at the end of a business process, testing can become time consuming. All previous steps in the process must be performed before a test case can be released on the new feature.

It would be easy if all the previous test steps and test cases used to test the previously built functionality could be reused. The good news is that this is possible with MTA. Unit tests, test cases and even entire test suites can be reused so that the testing process is significantly accelerated

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