Testing Mendix

Why is testing Mendix a challenge. When should you consider test automation for your Mendix app

Companies are scaling up their Mendix deployment

Scaling up results in:

  • More apps per Mendix customer
  • More business critical apps
  • More complex apps



  • The chance that errors occur increases
  • The impact of errors increases




Quality of Mendix apps needs attention

Research from the Software Improvement Group (SIG) shows that the initial build quality of low code applications, such as Mendix, is higher than of traditional languages such as .Net and Java. However, based on a statistical analysis of many applications, there is a trendline that the quality of low code applications decreases faster when the complexity and size of the application increases.

SIG - high code vs low code build quality

This means that the quality of Mendix apps needs attention, just like any other technology. As Mendix suggests, you need a structured approach with proper attention for quality controls such as testautomation when deploying Mendix at scale, specifically your apps become larger and more complex.

“Testautomation increases the business value of Mendix apps”

You get the most out of the Mendix platform if you release often and fast. Testautomation is a necessary tool to support frequent and fast deployments. A recent article in TechTarget makes a compelling case for testautomation of Mendix apps. In order to test frequent releases properly you need a test tool that allows to test early, often and fast.

Drivers for automated testing

Some Mendix apps need automated testing more than others! Read these indicators. If three or more apply to your situation it is a good time to start thinking about your test strategy

Mendix app

The Mendix app

  • is mission critical;
  • contains complex business logic;
  • contains a lot of processes or transactions;
  • has complicated or extensive user flows;
  • is updated frequently;
  • is integrated with your application landscape, i.e. contains a lot of API’s.
Mendix team

The Mendix team

  • has more than 2 developers;
  • has a low average level of IT knowledge and experience (citizen developers);
  • has a high need for refactor sprints in order to avoid technical debt.
  • has frequent changes in development team
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