Our pricing model is interesting both for small organizations that do not test much and for large clients that test massively. Menditect uses a pay-per-use model, but for large numbers of tests we can also agree on a flat fee pricing per application. Menditect Test Automation can be bought on the Mendix marketplace soon.

Included in our pricing is support for Mendix supported major versions, backup/restore functionality and pro-active monitoring.

Optional services we offer are implementation support and product training. Please contact us for more information.

  • Pay-per-use

    Pay for use of MTA based on tested Mendix revisions. Choose the bundle that fits upfront or pay for usage after the fact. No limit in the number of apps you test.

  • Pay-per-app

    Test one or more apps unlimitedly, without having to think about the number of revisions you want to test. Ideal for daily automated testing.

Markus Travaille, Chief Vision officer van Menditect en co-founder van EGALiT

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