About Menditect

Menditect believes in carefree testing Mendix apps to enhance the speed of app delivery to the business. We remove test automation bottlenecks by enabling our customers with unparalleled test coverage for acceptable costs. We provide Menditect Test Automation (MTA), a unique Mendix specific test solution which requires no separate test coding. MTA is easy to maintain and quick to learn for both testers and developers.

Menditect’s origin

Menditect is a spin-off of EGALiT, an expert in the field of development in Mendix.  Menditect is now a separate company that offers its products on the Mendix Marketplace to Mendix clients and partners as an ISV partner of Mendix.

“We believe very much in the way Mendix software development works, but we noticed that testing it was a bottleneck in the release process. That’s why we decided to make test automation easier. For our own projects, but also for those of others. That’s how the new company was born.”

Markus Travaille, Chief Vision Officer


Markus Travaille
About Menditect: Long term vision

Long term vision

Menditect provides test automation for Mendix developers and testers that removes  the testing bottleneck  by making test automation as easy and fast as possible.

Our customers want to release new features as fast as possible and therefore they use the Mendix platform. Testing and testautomation are necessary to keep quality on the desired level. However, the general principle for them is that testing sould require as little time, attention and money as possible and should not become a bottleneck in the release process.




The Menditect roadmap is updated roughly every 3 months and is shared with our partners and customers upon request. We continuously focus on improvements that can be made to remove bottlenecks in the testing process of our customers.

We add topics to the roadmap based on our long term vision, but we also engage with active end-users to learn from them.

continuous testing

DevOps process

Menditect uses a DevOps process to develop MTA

  • We release a new version of MTA roughly every 4 weeks
  • We automate as much as possible (of course we test MTA with MTA)
  • One team is responsible for both development, bug fixes and support

Do you want to test optimally with Mendix?

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