Specialisterren and Menditect start partnership to combine Mendix testing with social impact

Tuesday October 18, 2022
Markus Travaille, Rolf Bolt

Specialisterren is a Dutch test and RPA specialist that provides services with a social impact.

MTA partners - specialisterren

“We deliver high quality test services and provide a safe work environment for testers with a form of autism” says Sjoerd van der Maaden. “Specialisterren has provided test automation for Mendix apps for years now and with Menditect Test Automation (MTA) we can optimize this service. In MTA the business can specify the tests, test levels and desired coverage. The specialists from Specialisterren can then build and deliver the automated scripts at high speed.”

Menditect is very proud that our product is chosen by Specialisterren to optimize test automation for Mendix apps” says Markus Travaille. “It has always been our mission to provide technology that enables collaboration between the business testers and test automators/developers. Being able to support a work process that provides a optimal environment for people with a form of autism makes us even prouder, because we can support Specialisterren in their mission to provide test automation services with a social impact”

Specialisterren will provide implementation services with MTA for organizations that build Mendix apps. Menditect provides the technology. Organizations that want to know more about our combined services can contact directly with Specialisterren or Menditect.


Markus Travaille

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