Praegus and Menditect join forces with testing of Mendix apps

Tuesday October 4, 2022
Markus Travaille, Rolf Bolt

Praegus B.V. is a specialist in testing and test automation. They help their customers in the Netherlands with test automation solutions, consultancy, training and an extensive knowledge network.

MTA partners - Praegus

“Test automation for Mendix is a special habit” says Marcel Hogenhout from Praegus. “UI and API based functional and performance testing are different with platforms such as Mendix, because the interfaces are generated. This makes the maintenance of automated tests more difficult. MTA is a tool that allows to test Mendix under the hood, which allows for lower setup and maintenance costs. With MTA we can extend our tool palette within our low-code testing services on Mendix”.

Menditect is proud that Praegus recognizes the value of the direct model testing approach of Menditect” says Markus Travaille. “Partners such as Praegus add value to our network because they offer extensive test automation experience to our customers and help us to improve our product by sharing their knowledge”

Praegus and Menditect combine their forces at joint customers, where Praegus focusses on the setup and implementation of test tools & provide consultancy and Menditect provides the Mendix specific technology and knowledge.

More information about Menditect partners can be found here

Markus Travaille

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