Menditect Test Automation provides the following features to make Mendix test automation easy to maintain and create a high coverage at acceptable costs

Microflow execution

  • Test units directly
  • No test code in your Mx model
  • Easy to configure
  • Fast execution

Test data management

  • Manage data & tests in one tool
  • Make repeatable tests
  • Associate data
  • Execute tests directly in-memory, or from database


  • Setup assertions easily
  • Assert values dynamically
  • Detect errors quickly
  • Validate data early


  • Record screen actions and convert to microflow and object actions
  • Saves time when creating test cases
  • Allows the business to record scripts and to automate them (later) by a test automator
  • Allows conversion of manual and automated UI tests to MTA test scripts

No-code test automation

  • Select a microflow and provide input data to configure a unit test.
  • Use output data from CRUD actions and unit tests in follow-up test cases.
  • Specify the expected outcome of the test (assert).
  • Cluster test cases into understandable test suites.

Test data injection based on the domain model.

  • Inject test data with a CRUD action by selecting an entity and providing the displayed attributes with test data.
  • Retrieve data from the application under test and use this data in configured tests.

Enables early testing

  • Launch MTA at any time to test a specified revision, even if it is not delivered to production.

Integrates with your CI/CD environment

  • Easily integrate MTA with your CI/CD environment allowing tests to be started and run automatically.

Shows details of all executed teststeps

  • See in one overview at which test step a test suite failed
  • View the results per test step
  • Per assert (on an attribute) is indicated whether it is “passed” or “failed
  • Run through the results via the input test steps to find the cause of errors


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