Menditect and TIMETOACT start partnership for test automation of Mendix apps

Monday May 8, 2023
Markus Travaille, Rolf Bolt

TIMETOACT GmbH is a full service IT-provider with headquarter in Cologne, Germany and 17 offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Menditect and TIMETOACT start a partnership for test automation of Mendix apps.

MTA partnership - timetoact

TIMETOACT helps their customers to master the digital transformation and one major pillar obviously is application and app development. They are a large Mendix partner with innovative staff and provide development & consulting services and are a Mendix Academy Partner. In addition they have deep skills (and the tools) for migration from legacy apps to Mendix. Last but not least they deploy in any environment (including SAP cloud) and offer managed services for customers that don’t want or can deploy in the cloud. Within their Menditect partnership they resell the Menditect Test Automation platform, implement and configure it and write test cases or enable our customer development teams to do so.

“We believe in speed and agility while staying in control and keep the quality up” says Ralph Siepmann of TIMETOACT. Quality measures and testing cases belong into the requirement management and throughout the complete development circle. Each deliverable of each sprint must be tested to not bring effort and costs up at the end. For that focus of speed and quality, we have decided for Mendix with Menditect. Together they are the perfect fit and help us and our customers to even deploy apps faster. Just contact us for more information, a PoC case or app-in-a-day workshops with Mendix and Menditect.

“At Menditect we believe that test automation should be set up and maintained by the Mendix team” says Markus Travaille of Menditect. “TIMETOACT is integrating testing in their Mendix development work, because they want to deliver high quality apps. With Menditect they can do that without the need of additional technology and (scripting) languages and without compromising on the speed of deployment”


Markus Travaille

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