Menditect and SUPERP start partnership for test automation of Mendix apps

Tuesday April 11, 2023
Markus Travaille, Rolf Bolt

SUPERP is a partner that combines SAP and Salesforce implementations with Mendix solutions and has a separate business unit that provides testing for Mendix, SAP and Salesforce.

MTA partner - SUPERP

“With our unique combination of in-depth expertise’s, SUPERP has built up extensive knowhow on how to test SAP, Salesforce and Mendix apps” says Bob van der Linden of SUPERP. “Within SUPERP we also work with Tosca for the automation of UI and API based tests and this allows us to chain test a complete enterprise landscape. With MTA we are now, on top of this, able to provide the best class test automation solution for Mendix apps. MTA allows us to test the internals of a Mendix app and it can combine unit testing with headless process testing. The combination of these technologies can be very powerful for our customers.”

“Menditect is enthusiastic about the partnership with SUPERP” says Markus Travaille of Menditect. “SUPERP is the partner that can offer a one stop shop service to our customer of both Mendix development and testing. This combination is very powerful for customers that prefer an integrated proposition for test automation and development to support the shift left testing. This is especially relevant in situations where the customer combines SAP implementations with Mendix development. These Mendix apps often are business critical and require thorough continuous testing. Test automation will help to make that easier and faster.”

In the partnership between Menditect and SUPERP it is Menditect that provides the test automation technology while SUPERP will provide the implementation services

Markus Travaille

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