Menditect and Rond start partnership for test automation of Mendix apps

Wednesday October 26, 2022
Markus Travaille, Rolf Bolt

Rond is a Mendix, SAP and Qlik partner with a strong focus on quality. They use Mendix to deliver value to the business quickly and combine this with expertise on both ERP and BI tools.

MTA partners - Rond

“We value the quality of the Mendix apps highly” says Mark Bosch of Rond. “With Mendix we can quickly develop solutions for our customers. Test automation supports our quality mindset and for Mendix apps a test tool is needed that is capable of following the speed of Mendix app development. The partnership with Menditect allows us to automate tests fast and with low maintenance. With test automation for the Mendix apps we can increase the impact and value of the apps we deliver to our customers”

Menditect is glad that Rond is joining us a partner” says Markus Travaille. “Rond has a dedicated Mendix team with a focus on quality. They provide Mendix consulting and implementation services to customers that deploy Mendix at scale. Their vision on quality and on how Mendix apps can contribute to business value for the customer matches with ours”

Rond provides Menditect implementation services to its customers and Menditect the Menditect Test Automation product.

Markus Travaille

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