Mendify and Menditect partner to support customers that deploy Mendix at scale

Wednesday October 12, 2022
Markus Travaille, Rolf Bolt

Mendify is the leading Mendix partner in Belgium and enables its customers to deploy Mendix at scale. They build Mendix apps and providing consulting services both in Belgium and The Netherlands.

MTA partners - Mendify

“Quality control is one of the aspects of the Mendix platform that becomes more important when you deploy Mendix at scale” says Jan Ickroth ☁️ of Mendify. “The earlier you start with implementing tools such as test automation, the lower the costs and the larger the benefits. We provide the best tools in the market to our customers. MTA is perfectly integrated with Mendix and enables us to start with test automation as early as possible and integrate it with Mendix development”

“At Menditect we believe that test automation should be integrated with Mendix development” says Markus Travaille of Menditect. “The vision of Mendify on how customers should deploy Mendix at scale fits perfectly with our vision. With Mendify we have found a strong implementation partner for the Belgian market that is also serving large Mendix customers in the Dutch market”

Mendify chooses for Menditect because it is fully integrated with Mendix and can be used during the entire app lifecycle. Mendify will integrate MTA implementation and maintenances as part of their services and will resell the MTA technology to its customers.

More information about Menditect partners can be found here

Markus Travaille

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