Gemeente Rotterdam selects Menditect for testautomation of Mendix apps

Tuesday September 20, 2022
Markus Travaille, Rolf Bolt

Menditect is proud to announce that Gemeente Rotterdam selects Menditect Test Automation (MTA) as preferred solution to test their Mendix applications. The city of Rotterdam uses Mendix at scale and has over a 100 Mendix apps running.

Gemeente Rotterdam selects Menditect

Erik van der Steen of the city of Rotterdam: “when deploying Mendix at scale it is important to keep the quality at the desired level. Test automation is one of the means for this. MTA is specifically built to test Mendix apps and allows to test the Mendix models directly without the need for maintenance sensitive UI testing and without the need for test code in the Mendix apps”.

The city of Rotterdam will implement MTA in a phased approach and invests the next years in the collaboration of testers and Mendix developers in the Mendix teams. Markus Travaille of Menditect: “we are glad that we can help the city of Rotterdam with test automation and that they share our vision on how to test Mendix apps. The collaboration between testers and Mendix developers is an important factor in making test automation a success. Our product MTA supports this and lowers the barrier of adopting test automation in a Mendix team.”

Markus Travaille

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