CAPE Groep and Menditect announce MTA partnership

Tuesday September 27, 2022
Markus Travaille, Rolf Bolt

CAPE Groep, a leading Mendix partner and Menditect, the provider of Menditect Test Automation (MTA) for Mendix apps have reinforced their collaboration by entering into a formal partnership.

Menditect partners - cape groep

CAPE Groep is one of the largest Dutch Mendix partners and helps its customers with Mendix projects and setting up their own quality and continuity management. As part of this CAPE Groep uses regression tests for each release to make sure that the quality of the new or improved Mendix app is always meeting the required standards. This allows them and their customers to release fast and shorten the time to market without compromising on quality.

“Menditect provides test automation tooling that is fully integrated with the Mendix platform and is maintainable by the Mendix team” says Bart Knol of CAPE Groep. “We chose MTA as our preferred test automation tool, because Menditect understands our needs and is always open to improve their product based on our feedback”

“Menditect has been working with CAPE Groep from the start” says Markus Travaille of Menditect. “To make the implementation of test automation a success it needs to be embedded in the work of both the Mendix team and testers. CAPE Groep understands this and integrates test automation as much as possible with the development of Mendix apps”

In the partnership CAPE Groep and Menditect are working together on several customers. CAPE Groep provides the implementation of MTA and Menditect is providing the technology which is integrated in tools that CAPE Groep is using to deliver quality and continuity management services for their customers.

More information about Menditect partners can be found here

Markus Travaille

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