Why Test with MTA?

You want to be sure that the quality of every release of your Mendix application is good. You’re considering the use of test automation, but you’re unsure if it fits in with Mendix projects. Read more to know why test automation with MTA does deliver the speed, simplicity and control you know from Mendix.

Testing a bottleneck in delivery?

Frequent and fast delivery of applications is only possible if all steps in the chain are equally fast. Mendix speeds up your development process, but not testing. As a result, testing is increasingly becoming a bottleneck in the rapid delivery of new functionalities.

MTA ensures that the delivery of Mendix applications is no longer delayed. The set-up and maintenance of test scripts in MTA is so simple that developers can test software versions in between (shift left testing) without loss of time.

The direct execution of tests on the Mendix models ensures a lightning fast test execution. No screen or browser interaction is needed with MTA. Finally MTA integrates seamlessly with your CI/CD pipeline.

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Test automation difficult?

Test automation requires additional knowledge of testing tools and scripting languages in your Mendix team.

MTA is a completely no-code test solution that requires no scripting language to be learned and which a Mendix developer can use to automate tests without having to learn about a new technology.

MTA is quick to learn for test automators and testers without Mendix experience. The knowledge level required is only Mendix rapid developer.

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Test data maintenance a lot of work?

An automated test needs testdata to be executed. When Mendix models change, not only do the test cases change but the test data must change with them. This often takes a lot of effort.

MTA makes it possible to specify in a clear way which data will be varied. Each data element is automatically checked for the data type defined in the Mendix model, so wrong input is not possible. For each data variant the expected outcome can be specified (assert). The latter makes it very easy to test multiple test cases with exactly defined outcomes in one test run.

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Test automation expensive?

Setting up test automation requires a large upfront investment and requires maintenance throughout the lifecycle of an application. Many Mendix projects start small and grow in size and complexity step by step. Because of the high upfront investment, test automation is often not, or too late, deployed for Mendix applications.

MTA asks for a low investment because of the pay-per-use model and lowers the maintenance costs because test automation can be maintained easily and quickly in the Mendix team without using extra knowledge for this.

MTA supports multiple test levels (unit, component, process) making test coverage high. This reduces the chance of costly errors in production software and fewer failures occur.

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Test sets overlap?

With MTA it is possible to build tests from the smallest building blocks (units) to complete end-to-end process tests in a microservices landscape.

This is possible because in MTA you can connect unit tests together to form component tests and component tests together again to form process tests. The process tests of different applications can be linked into one integrated microservice test.

This way you can build your tests under architecture and maximize test reuse without sacrificing test coverage and your development budget.

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