Test the Mendix way!

  • Easy

    One tool with high test coverage. Easy to set up and maintain test scripts

  • Fast

    Test new features even before you develop them. Run tests without delays of screens

  • In control

    Automatically detect changes in Mendix models. Automate test execution with a CI/CD pipeline

Radically different

Test automation is software that tests other software. If an error occurs in a test, it is not clear whether it is due to the test automation software, wrong data or a bug.

“We believe that software should be able to be tested directly, without creating a separate test system for this purpose.”

Menditect Test Automation uses the power of the open Mendix models to enable testing of Mendix applications without writing software to do so. Therefore, if an error occurs in MTA tests, it is an error in the test data or a bug. Resolving this type of error provides value, rather than costing money.

MTA: Test automation from and for Mendix developers without writing test software!

No (test) code
Mendix testing

Multiple test levels in one tool

  • End-to-end proces testing (microservices)
  • Component testing (API’s)
  • Unit testing (microflows)


Dynamic testing of Mendix apps


Menditect Test Automation enables automated dynamic testing of Mendix applications. From the smallest unit test to large end-to-end process tests. Even across a microservices landscape in one test tool.

For Mendix teams of any organization


MTA is intended for test designers, test automators, and Mendix engineers. Small organizations with a single app and large enterprise companies with a complex (microservices) landscape can use MTA.

No code SAAS


MTA is a no-code test solution that automates testing based on the Mendix models. MTA is available as a single tenant SAAS solution. Mendix customers and partners get a pricing model that fits your usage.

Born out of pure frustration

Test automation for Mendix apps is more complicated than Mendix development. Therefore it causes project delays.

We asked ourselves why test automation can’t be faster and simpler. Why do we succeed in building Mendix applications at lightning speed and then suddenly the speed disappears from the project because of test automation?


From that frustration we built Menditect Test Automation. A tool with which tests can be automated using building blocks that originate from the Mendix models. A method where the consistency of the test is monitored by the tool itself instead of by people.

In short, test automation according to the principles of Mendix, available to Mendix customers and partners.

Why MTA?
Stress and frustration caused by a computer
Markus Travaille, Chief Vision officer van Menditect en co-founder van EGALiT

Try MTA yourself!

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